Become a Leader in Supply Chain Management

With a recognised MSc degree from ISCE
Become a Leader in Supply Chain Management
With a recognised MSc degree from ISCE

Hons. Master of Science Degree[NFQ Level 9]

Be a holder of post graduate degree from the Institute of Supply Chain Excellence.

With a Master of Science Degree in Leadership in Supply Chain Management you will be recognised for your knowledge and skills.

Use it to set yourself apart as a future-ready sustainable supply chain manager.


  • Study in small classes, minimum 10 of learners, to a maximum of 25 very much Covid-19 compliant
  • Part-time learning programme – with opportunity to develop business contacts
  • Experience a mixture of relevant mandatory and elective modules
  • Schedule your own course of study – choose which module you wish to attend and when you want to do it
  • Complete eight [8] modules from a syllabus of ten [10] – design a learning path to suit your needs
  • Acquire the skills of research and gain the ability to produce a substantial Dissertation, showing evidence of critical analysis of the theory and practice of supply chain management.
  • Pay as you go – fees are based on a staged payment plan, phased over the period of your course of studies.

Certification & Accreditation

QQI is the qualifications awarding body for third-level educational and training institutions outside the university sector. The Institutes M.Sc. Programme: Leadership in Supply Chain Management team have been accredited since July 2019. QQI is Ireland’s guardian of the NFQ system.  The NFQ system serves several purposes:
  • It ensures awards obtained in Ireland are quality-assured and recognised internationally.
  • It is part of a system for comparing Irish and international awards.
  • It provides a system of establishing eligibility in learning processes for access, transfer and progression.

Course Information


January 2022


March 2022
(subject to COVID-19 restrictions)

1 weekend – length 2 days – Friday & Saturday


2 weekends – Thursday evening, all-day Friday & all-day Saturday.


38 contact hours.


By Module Assignment




Payment of fees is based on 9 instalments, it’s on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.


Euro:  €13,500


What is this Course?


The aim of this programme is to provide you with the key skills to perform as a supply chain practitioner – be you engaged in: industrial processing; the retail sector; transport and logistical service companies, a private enterprise or a public service organisation.

Our broad-based vocational postgraduate educational programme will provide you the learner with a comprehensive knowledge of the key elements of leadership and supply chain management.

This course will broaden your conceptual thinking ability and equip you with the tools and techniques to implement decisive change in your organisation.

You will develop your competence in formulating and implementing innovative strategies to meet the shifting requirements occurring in domestic and global supply chains – such as the demands brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic

Successful completion of this course will lead to the award of a Level 9, Honours Master of Science Degree:  Leadership in Supply Chain Management.

Who should apply?

This post-graduate programme is designed to suit the needs of career-minded practitioners who work in the area of supply chain management, or in associated disciplines, who are actively pursuing continuous development of systems and processes arising from strategic and operational alignment of their supply chain.

Senior Supply Chain Practitioners

Ideally applicants should be senior supply chain practioners holding an honours Batchelor Degree [NFQ Level 8].  Also in this category are recent graduates, who have come directly into the supply chain sector from college and who have the experience of working in supply chain disciplines.

Mature Learners

We also welcome mature learners who have the experience of working in supply chain disciplines with a strong record of career achievement at management level but without formal degree level qualifications, who are now seeking to certify their experiences or to learn best practice in the field .

What will I learn?

Learn to leverage the latest tools and technology to create a more sustainable supply chain management plan as you follow your learning path through the modules of this programme:


  • Module 1 – Induction Module – Welcome to MSc Leadership in Supply Chain Management.
  • Module 2 – Business Strategy
  • Module 3 – Developing Leadership & Management Capability
  • Module 4 – International Supply Chain Design
  • Module 5 – Procurement
  • Module 6 – Operations Management
  • Module 7 – Contemporary Supply Chain Logistics
  • Module 8 – Marketing and Supply Chain Management
  • Module 9 – Human Resource Management
  • Module 10 – Change Management
  • Module 11 – Project Management /Research Methods
  • Module 12 – Dissertation Project

Your teaching team.

Gerard Glynn MSc.  is the Founding Director & Teaching Fellow of the Institute for Supply Chain Excellence and is subject leader in Change Management and International Human Resource Management for the MSc, Leadership in Supply Chain Management programmes.

Prof. Edward Sweeney is a visiting academic at ISCE. He is an experienced supply chain professional with over 30 years’ experience in a variety of academic and business settings.

Dr Daniel Park is a visiting Teaching Fellow with ISCE. He has worked in business strategy and strategic management for the whole of his career.  His early experience was in marketing, logistics and strategic planning with a leading multinational oil company.

Dr Richard Crompton is a visiting Teaching Fellow with ISCE where he is subject leader in Contemporary Supply Chain Logistics for the MSc, Leadership in Supply Chain Management programmes

Dr Shan Rajegopal is a visiting Teaching Fellow with ISCE, he is a much sought-after international speaker, inviting his audience to embark on a journey of discovery to uncover the most successful practices and the best ideas from the world’s leading global players

Aidan Magner MSc. is a visiting Fellow with ISCE and holds a MSc(hons) in Supply Chain Management from TU Dublin.  Aidan has lectured on the topics of supply chain, operations and quality on courses run by both the TU Dublin and the IIPMM.

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    Supply chain management is the management of the flow of goods and services and includes all processes that transform raw materials into final products. It involves the active streamlining of a business’s supply-side activities to maximise customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    Every enterprise,  be it a small or large business, climbing Mount Everest, or running a humanitarian aid agency, relies on an efficient and effective supply chain.

    For example: the main challenge with Brexit is the UK’s efforts at establishing or keeping supply chains.

    The Institute has three intakes per year:  September; December and March

    Learners are required to successfully complete a total of eight modules – four mandatory and four electives.  There are seven electives and the learner can select any four to complete their course of studies.

    Modules are taught over two weekends with 38 contact hours plus an assignment designed to be completed within a six-week period.

    The programme requires the learner to successfully complete eight Modules and a Dissertation.

    A module consists of two consecutive weekends consisting of Thursday evenings [6 to 9pm], All day Fridays and Saturdays [8.30 to 4.30] – totalling 38 contact hours.

    This is a modularised programme and is not based on normal academic semesters. A learner can attend a module every 6 weeks provided they have completed the module assignment. The programme can be completed in a minimum of two and a half years and a maximum of four years.

    The MSc. Dissertation is the final stage of this M.Sc. programme.  When completed it will signify the competence of the learner as a knowledgeable practitioner in supply chain management.

    Yes, as a learner you will work closely with academic supervisors and industrial mentors in the development of research skills and in meeting the demands of a sustained project which includes research, analysis, writing up and editing.

    There are no formal examinations.  Assessment is made through the completion of an assignment which must be completed within six weeks of attending the module.

    The total cost is €13,600

    The fees are payable in 9 increments on a pay-as-you-go basis

    You need to complete 8 modules, four mandatory and four electives.

    Modules are held in fully equipped board room facilities in leading hotels. 

    The minimum class size is ten students and the maximum is twenty.

    No, modules are planned to be held in Dublin and Cork.  If there is sufficient demand, modules can be scheduled to take place in in other main cities.

    Yes, it is possible to attend modules scheduled in different centres, provided you have no outstanding assignments.

    Learners are required to attend an Induction Day.

    The purpose of the day is to provide learners with the opportunity to get to know members of staff, meet fellow learners and to find out how the Institute will support them during their course of studies.

    The Induction Day programme for new learners is held on a Saturday in the week[s] prior to the commencement of the mandatory Introduction to Supply Chain Management module.

    Following successful completion of the course of study for this MSc Leadership in Supply Chain Management, graduates will receive QQI award, Level 9, Master of Science degree.

    QQI (Quality & Qualifications Ireland) is the national awarding body for further education and training in Ireland.

    The Institute for Supply Chain Excellence is registered with QQI to offer programmes leading to QQI awards in the National Framework of Qualifications in Ireland. Click here for details of the National Framework of Qualifications.

    Yes, applications are accepted from Individuals who have proven relevant experience and whose academic experience is non-traditional. 

    If you do not meet the standard educational requirements for the course and wish to be considered as an RPL [recognition of prior learning] candidate, you should complete Section 4 -Exceptional Entry of the Application Form.