Mission Statement

Mission Statement

All members of the Institute for Supply Chain Excellence
shall work collectively in partnership
to provide the highest standard of education
to all our learners.


Working together as partners in joint endeavours, with a shared sense of purpose, mutual respect and willingness to consult.


We shall commit resources and amend policies and procedures, as and when necessary, to attain our identified goals and objectives.


Ensuring equality of access, participation and outcome for all – regardless of: gender; sexual orientation; age; family status; political persuasion; religion; disability or ethnic origin.


Enabling individuals experiencing inequality to participate in our educational programme.


Taking a long-term perspective, ensuring that initiatives piloted by the Institute are enshrined in mainstream practice and that lessons learned inform and strengthen the ongoing development of Institute.


Providing a flexible approach to learning so that lessons learned through our experiences are incorporated into our programmes and methods of work.

Quality Assurance System:

This Mission Statement shall be achieved through the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Assurance system which ensures that all services provided and/or work carried out is of the highest quality.

The Quality and Procedures Manuals define this system and the work procedures involved.