Who should apply?

This M.Sc., programme – Leadership in Supply Chain Management is intended to appeal to a broad range of Learners.

  • The primary target group are career minded practitioners who work in the area of supply chain management or in associated disciplines, who have the responsibility for ensuring continuous development of systems and processes, arising from the strategic and operational alignment of their supply chain. They should also hold an Honours Batchelor Degree, [NFQ Level 8].
  • Also targeted are the recently graduated, holding an Honours Batchelor Degree [NFQ Level 8] who have come directly into the logistics and supply chain sector from college and who have had the experience of working in supply chain disciplines.
  • The third category of potential learners are mature individuals who have the experience of working in supply chain disciplines, with a strong record of career achievement at a senior level, but without formal degree level qualifications, and who are now seeking to certify their experiences to date or to learn best practice in the area that they are working. Recognition of Prior Learning [RPL] is supported on this programme.